decorativeGeneral suggestions

  • Videos should be 6 to 8 minutes.  Promo video should be about 2.5 minutes.
  • Have a plan/script before going into filming.
  • Name each video such that it could stand alone.
  • Assess learning in small pieces (in-video quizzes/post segment).
  • Keep a copy of everything outside of the platform,  so you don’t lose the work and for document sharing and archiving purposes.
  • Follow copyright guidelines.
  • Follow Distance Learning Speakers Corner


Being on camera

Your look:

  • Wear dark, solid colors, but avoid black.
  • Do not wear white, yellow or patterns/checks/stripes.
  • Avoid highly shiny or glossy fabrics.
  • Avoid shiny and noisy jewelry.

Speaking and Moving:

  • Smile 🙂 .
  • Speak clearly and correctly, at a moderate pace.
  • Make eye contact by looking straight ahead at the camera in front of you.