Guiding Questions for Beta Testing

Here is a list of questions Coursera offers their Beta Testers to consider while reviewing a course, prior to launch.

For Assessments:

  • Did you understand the questions?
  • Did the questions evaluate materials you learned in the course?
  • Are there any obvious mistakes such as a grading problem or erroneous answer?
  • Did you understand why your answer was wrong?
  • Were you given feedback on your answer? If so, was it helpful?

Course structure:

  • Does the course structure and order of the lessons make sense?
  • Are there logical connections between modules and lessons?
  • Would you change anything in the layout of the course to improve the learning experience?
  • Was the course at a good length? (too long? Too short?)
  • Were the number of assessments adequate? (Too many? Too few?)

Videos and general content:

  • Did you understand what you were going to learn in this course?
  • Was the content aligned with your expectations based on the course information page?
  • Was the content clear, engaging and interesting?
  • Did the instructor speak in an ideal pace?
  • Were the slides easy to read and understand?
  • What was the most useful thing you learned in the course?

Technical problems

  • Did you encounter any problems such as a link that leads to an error, a video with no sound or serious editing problems?