MOOC structure

The basic of “On Demand structure” (From Coursera site):

“On demand courses are made up of lessons and modules.  A lesson is a cohesive unit of content that should take a learner around 30 minutes to complete.  A module is a collection of lessons that comprise a larger unit of learning.”


  • Each lesson includes several videos and at least one assessment (usually a quiz) to conclude the lesson.
  • Lessons may also include supplemental reading assignments.
  • Each lesson is structured around 1-2 clear learning objectives; as designs develop, these objectives may be displayed to learners when they begin the lesson.


  • Module length is variable, and may be determined by the instructional team based on natural divisions in the content. A module may be as short as 1-2 lessons, or may include 6 or more lessons. Most modules in existing on demand courses include 2-3 lessons.
  • Each module should include a comprehensive review quiz, which may take the form of a single “review” lesson at the end of the module.
  • Time planning per module: 1-2 hours of learner engagement as recommended by Coursera.
Module structure
Learning Item Number of Items Time per Item (min) Total time (min)
Video Lecture
Reading (Not required)

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